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This program is operated by college faculty who care deeply about student success. We are experienced in curriculum design.
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Let’s make changes together! Discover how working with us will help you realize your full potential while helping others achieve theirs.
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  • K-12 Tutoring

    At Lifetime Education, we believe each student has a unique learning style.

  • Test Preparation

    At Lifetime Education, we offer convenient and highly effective test preparation courses, in both the one-on-one and classroom formats.

  • Counselling

    Create a personal pathway with our comprehensive school admissions counseling.

  • English As Second Language

    Our ESL program improves reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and empower student ability to communicate

Award-Winning Math Tutors

Math tutoring is at once simple and complex. It is simple because the objective is clear: to help students understand the logic of the processes and principles they are studying. That is a constant. What makes math tutoring complicated is the variable: the way in which a student learns and thinks. The math tutoring team at Lifetime Education is comprised of individuals who are adept at reconciling the simple and the complex sides of this equation. They adapt their explanations of the relevant mathematical reasoning processes to suit the individual learning styles of the students with whom they work.

Why lifetime Education Math Tutoring?

1- Designed by college professor
2- Taught by Premier instructors
3- Online Practice (Meta-cognitive program)
4- Adaptive assessment
5- Math study skills and strategies

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We transform “I don’t know how to do this…” into “I can figure this out!”
Customized Programs, Reasonable Rates and Flexible Schedules
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Student Services

• English language program with F1 visa
• High school and universities placement
• Specialty Tours
• High school completions
• Housing and Health Insurance Services

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